Wow, a window squeegee with principles! One that promises to take you to the next level! Bold but true! 
Meet Jack, day in day out he’s been using his tools in the familiar, usual way. Soaping up the window, wiping it, detailing the edges with his cloth and on to the next. Jack, a driven man, who has pride in his work, wondered if there was no other way to do this and together with the engineers of Moerman a new ultimate tool was developed. One coming from the hands of a pro, a real window cleaner! The result? Not just one tool, but a way of thinking! EASE, the principles of a professional! According to Moerman, each tool, designed by and for the professional, has to meet the following principle! Washing and wiping, that’s it!
No fuss with water residue etc.. Tickled your interest? As it should be!

Meet a game changer! Meet E.A.S.E.!