Our new website is online!

7 Feb 2018

New year, new website. We're proud to let you surf through our new website. In 2017 we were focused on getting a new look and feel for our professional window cleaning range and along that journey our key personality of Jack was born! 

The uniqueness of our approach is that we are a manufacturer of window cleanings tools who delivers tools at our partners or (exclusive) distributors all over the world but next to that we believe in a direct communication with our end-users of professional window cleaners who are in the field. Together with their feedback and enthusiasm we develop new tools or improve existing ones because we strive to make our tools according our EASE principles: Efficient, Amazing Results, Safe and Ergonomic. You see, we felt like giving that a new and worthy matching look and feel - hope you enjoy the new website!

If you do see something that is not correct? Please feel free to contact us through the contact form :-)